Every athlete and student needs a team

ProBecas offers the best college recruiting program. 100% of ProBecas Student-Athletes (SAs) have received multiple scholarships from great programs. We offer a personalized advising service for each of our talents that begins, ideally in your highschool sophomore year, and that culminates the day of your college graduation.

As part of your team, ProBecas works to alert your ideal universities of everything they can gain by offering you an academic or athletic scholarship.

Seize one of your scholarship opportunities, study and compete at the best level of your sport, in the best universities in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Contact us! We want to get to know you, your history, your dreams and your academic and athletic goals, to help you make them come true.

of ProBecas athletes have received athletic scholarship offers to compete in college
Average scholarship per year for our athletes
More than 500 scholarship offers in the past 2 years



– Access to “MyProBecas” Web platform and app to update info, contact coaches, and keep track of the process
– Creation of a highlight video
– Creation of a Student-Athlete Profile
– Creation of a long list of possible universities


University campaign directly with college coaches
– Feedback on communication with coaches
– Evaluation of all universities interested in you. We consider the following criteria: Academic Programs, Athletic Programs, Diversity, Value, Student Life
– Apply to the universities that best fit our needs and that offered good scholarships
– Complete FAFSA and CSS
– Be accepted to different universities
– Choose the best option


Activate University Account (Email and University Portal)
– Choose Room and Board
– Advising during 4 years of college
– Go abroad during your college career
– Summer Experiences


Why study in the US, Europe or Canada?

This in the easiest time in your life when you can choose exactly what to do and where to do it. Find the best university for you in United States, Canda or Europe.

We are YOUR team. Reach out to us for whatever you need. In addition to all the initial help to find your ideal college, we can help with improving your scholarship, getting a job on campus, studying abraod, transfering universities, building a resume throughout your college career and more.

Use your time wisely:

  • Begin this process by spring semester of your sophomore year.
  • Get better academically and athletically.
  • The earlier you begin preparing for college, the better results you will have.
  • Be sure to have videos, compete in relevant events, hit the gym and do everything to be a better prospect.

It is not where you begin college that matters, but what college you graduate from. For many student athletes, sometimes the best offer is not the right choice. Be sure that the college you go to aligns with your objectives. If your priority is to have as much playing time as possible, a DII college with a competitive athletic program might be a better choice than a DI college with a top athletic program.


Our experience with ProBecas

When the idea of ​​being able to access an opportunity to study abroad and that included something that is our son’s passion, soccer, arose, we set about the task of finding someone who could advise us. We asked, we searched for options online and finally we were recommended to PROBECAS. It was recommended to us by a friend who had already used the services and so far he was satisfied with the results.

We decided to meet with Roberto Camargo, so that he could explain the process and the costs. We decided to take this option, hoping to get a good service and with great uncertainty since you start paying for something that will happen in the future, but I have to say that Roberto seemed very convincing to us and that he knew his business.

Today that our son is already studying in the US and participating in a well-known soccer academy, I really appreciate all the support they gave us. The support was not only for the process of obtaining options where to study, they have turned out to be support in everything, in the smallest details we have always been able to count on them.
I have already had the opportunity to recommend them to friends and I hope to be able to share our experience more so that other families trust the Probecas service.
Alex, Rodrigo’s father

Rodrigo, New Mexico State University & UDA Soccer Academy, Las Cruces, New Mexico

They have made our lives more interesting, my daughter has matured and I value more each moment that I can be with her.
We would not have been able to experience all this without the support that Probecas (Roberto and Andrea) has given us, since she has been present since the beginning of our adventure. Always pending Andrea’s requirements and patient with me, solving my doubts.
Now although she is just starting her second year, already working for my daughter’s transfer the following year.
To Probecas, my thanks.
– Laura, Andrea’s mother

Andrea, Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, Iowa

The simplest thing would be to say that ProBecas helped our son make his dream come true, but there is something in particular to point out: understanding, availability and closeness. Andrea, Roberto and Sebastián were attentive, with the best attitude to accompany us and guide us in this new stage.
-Karla, Felixs’ Mother.

Felix, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana

First, I would like to introduce how we chose Probecas: my husband and I approached Probecas to find a company that could help us find some kind of scholarship for our son who is a high-performance archery athlete, although it was early, Well, I was just starting high school. At that same time we were also looking for information with other similar companies for our daughter (who was in the last grade of high school), who is not an athlete. That is how, after listening to many options, we asked if Probecas could also work with our daughter to look for her university even though she was not an athlete, because the way they introduced themselves and explained how they followed up seemed very appropriate to us.
I want to say that my daughter is about to enter the university in Calgary these days, that the monitoring and support of Probecas was always very professional and above all with a very personal treatment, in addition to the academic part of my daughter they always kept in mind our concerns and They helped solve them regardless of the topic. They were always willing to support us even when they didn’t have to do with issues like visas or the thousands of questions that we have come up with in the last year.
This is what makes them different, we have never been one more family, they care and that is felt. They become a bit part of your family and stay close to your children when you can no longer be there…. You know that they will be there to support them in situations that arise, no company that I have heard of or met has an accompaniment after having entered the university and if they have been as professional and humane as up to now, I know that my daughter will be in excellent condition. hands during his college life.
Tanya, Natalya’s mother

Natalya, Alberta University of the Arts, Calgary, Canada

As parents, we always dream of having the best opportunities for our children, but sometimes we don’t know how to achieve them. Fortunately, we found out about the Probecas service and decided to try it to see what it would do.
Today, my son entered the University of Dubuque, and he is really happy, because as an athlete the possibility of going further has opened up for him.
Today he shares with a team that is very international, Germany, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico and of course from various US states.
A dream and a great challenge, which without the guidance and support of Probecas, we surely would not be living.
1000% recommended

Rashuan, University of Dubuque, Dubuque Iowa

I am a mother who trusts in Probecas
I’m Thelma, Valeria’s mother
My experience with the excellent Probecas work team began a year ago with the pandemic. I confess that at first I was a bit incredulous that everything they told me was going to come true, especially since it sounded incredible. Today I can completely give you my testimony that they are a great team and believe in them. They believed in Vale, my daughter, and now Vale has a 100% scholarship in Nevada, for which we as parents are completely grateful to Probecas.

Valeria, University of Nevada Reno, Reno, Nevada


and let one of our advisors guide you through the process of getting your scholarship.